Showers in the SPA area
Our experience showers and cold experiences promise to become a holistic enrichment of the SPA and wellness experience through their colors, lights and our sophisticated technology.

Kneipp applications
Kneipp treatments promote blood circulation and prevent venous diseases due to the alternating cold and warm treatments. Whether you choose our Kneipp course, the Kneipp roundel or the foot whirlpools, you can comfortably use the Kneipp treatments in our SPA and wellness areas.

Ice fountain for summer and winter
The ice fountains are ideal for sauna and steam bath fans with a strong circulation as a tingling cooling after sauna sessions. The bitterly cold refreshment is fun for cold-resistant SPA and wellness adventurers, both in winter and summer. Cooling down with the ice fountain has a particularly euphoric and mood-enhancing effect.

Snow cabins for stimulating cooling
Icicles on the walls and artificial snow can be found in a snow cabin. These serve for cooling down after an extensive sauna session or after a visit to a steam bath.